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Support Network
The service teams in our distribution network worldwide are directly supported and trained at CKIC factory. You can connect with local experienced service professionals easily for personalized service and consultation.

Quality Guarantee
CKIC’s overall quality assurance system including design, materials selection and procurement, manufacture, testing has been certified to be in compliance with ISO-9001:2008. All CKIC instruments bear the CE mark.


  • Setup

    CKIC service experts or our experienced service engineers of distributors are always involved with the installation of any new pieces of equipment. Their intimate knowledge of the requirements of your laboratory, combined with the expertise with your new instrumentation that make them a valued part of the purchasing process.

  • Training

    CKIC helps customer gain maximum value from their equipment through seminars held at CKIC Headquarters in Changsha China and overseas. CKIC also offers a number of workshops at various customer sites according to your specific requirement. By providing you with increased knowledge, we hope to empower you with the ability to produce better data and generate results faster.

  • Application & Demo

    CKIC Now Offers Sample Testing! We can carry out a specific application requirement or invite you for a demonstration to show the abilities of our products. Please contact CKIC if you would like to submit an application sample or to arrange a demo locally.

  • Routine Maintenance

    Maintenance is essential to product efficiency, economy and safety. CKIC can provide the essential maintenance support to ensure your equipment operates efficiently and durably. CKIC’s highly trained service professionals can investigate, diagnose and correct problems or provide regular check-ups based on the latest technical and safety standards. Customized service contract and planned maintenance packages from basic to all-inclusive can be provided to ensure optimal long term operation.

  • Spare Parts

    CKIC fully understands the importance of parts to our customers, especially their rapid supply when our customers need them most. We promise our customer lifetime’s spare parts supply for all our products to maximize the security of your investment. Short delivery times are ensured due to abundant stocks of high-quality genuine parts and prompt logistic links.