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Alternative Fuel
Alternative Fuel

As an alternative clean fuel, biomass fuel plays a critical role in thermal heating and power generation as an emerging renewable energy. CKIC is able to provide analyzer that conforms to the standards of ASTM E870, UNI and ISO which covers the proximate analysis, elemental analysis, sulfur analysis and calorific analysis.

Parameter Instrument Standard Compliance
Calorific Value 5E-C5500/C5508 Calorimeter GB/T 30727
Moisture 5E-MIN6150 Mini Moisture Analyzer
5E Series Drying Oven
GB/T 28731
GB/T 28733
BS EN ISO18134
Ash 5E Series Muffle Furnace GB/T 28731
UNI EN ISO 18122
ASTM D1102
Volitale Matter 5E Series Muffle Furnace GB/T 28731
ISO 18123
UNI EN 15148
Carbon/Hydrogen/Nitrogen 5E-CHN2200 Elemental Analyzer GB/T 30728
UNI 15104
ISO 16948
Ash Fusibility 5E-AF4115/5E-AF4105/AF4000 Ash Fusion Determinator GB/T 30726
/TS 15370
Sulfur 5E-IRSII Infrared Sulfur Analyzer
5E-IRS3600 Automatic Sulfur Analyzer
GB/T 28732
Mercury 5E-HGT2321 Automatic Mercury Analyzer US/EPA 7473
ASTM D6722