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  • CKIC 5E-CYP Cross-Belt Sampler

5E-CYP Cross-Belt Sampler

5E-CYP Cross-Belt Sampler is used for extracting samples from the moving streams on the middle position of the belt conveyor.

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Significance of Mechanical Sampling:
Full Section Sampling
Full section sampling or stratified full-section Sampling ensures that the sample is a true representative of bulk material.

Good Environment Adaptability 
1. Optimum gas circuit provides good gas tightness of the system.
2. O-ring free from heat resource.

Random Sampling
Sampling points are selected by mechanical sampling system randomly to ensure that every portion of the sampling lot has the same chance to be sampled.

High Efficiency
Time saving compared with manual sampling.

Safety Operation
Indoor operation provides good working environment.

1. Mass-basis sampling and time-basis sampling method for choice.
2. Support Roller under the belt for a circular arc shape to make every cut smoothly.
3. Auto sensor available to detect sample stream for automatic sampling.
4. Crushing and division by online sample preparation system is available.
5. Control methods: Touch Screen Controller+PLC/Automatic/Semi-Auto/Manual.

Layout Drawing for Belt Sampler with Fully Automatic Sample Preparation System:
Please note that the Automatic Sample Preparation System mentioned here is not included in the belt sampler System. This layout drawing is demonstrating the turnkey solution of CKIC automation with belt sampler.

Model 5E-CYP Cross-Belt Sampler
Belt Width 650-2000mm , ISO 5074, GB/T 2565
Belt Speed ≤5.0m/s
Max Sampling Mass 10-80kg
Max Sampling Size ≤300mm
Sampling Period ≤3min
Moisture Adaptability for Sampler ≤20%
Moisture Adaptability for Sample Preparation ≤16%
Sample Reduction Ratio 1/2-1/32
Power Supply 3 phases, AC380V, 70kW